Healthy Eating and Detoxification (After the Celebration)

By Derrick Bangura

Do you frequently feel tired, sluggish and bloated? Does your hair look dull and dishevelled? Does your skin lack sparkle and is the waistband on your jeans a little too tight for comfort? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, is that, too often, it could be a sign that your system is in desperate need of a spring clean.

So many people find cleanses and detox appealing as a way to reaffirm a commitment to healthy eating. While I certainly understand the desired dial down cravings for sweets and processed foods and create a pathway toward eating well over the long haul, the trouble I see with juicing and other similar cleanses is that too often, they leave people hungry, sluggish and distracted by constant thoughts of food. Cleansing can also lead to unwanted issues, like constipation (from lack of fibre) and bloating (due to excess fructose from juice cleanses).

You don’t need to take specific foods to detox your body. You have organs (like your liver) that are specifically designed to remove toxins.

But some foods are important components of a balanced diet that will help keep your detoxification system healthy.


What are the best detoxing foods?

There are no specific “detoxing foods” but the food is important to your natural detoxification systems.

In addition to eating a balanced diet, you can always support your body by exercising, avoiding the intake of toxins by limiting them is pertinent, chief among these toxins are alcohol and cigarettes.

The human body is designed to purify itself. You can help by drinking plenty of water and limiting highly processed, fatty, and sugary foods.

It is normal for anyone to engage in a “Detox Diet”. It encourages you to eat natural foods and veggies.

The main idea behind detox and cleanse diets is to purify and purge the body of the “bad” stuff that can cause problems like tiredness, headaches, and nausea. But the human body is designed to purify itself and there is no evidence that a detox diet works.




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