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Ukraine denies involvement in drone attack on Moscow


Ukraine denies involvement in drone attack on Moscow

Ukraine has denied involvement in the drone attack on Russia’s capital Moscow and responded with derision.

An adviser to the presidential office in Kyiv, Mykhailo Podolyak, said, “Of course, we are not directly involved.”

Podolyak spoke on the breakfast radio show of Russian journalist, Aleksandr Plyushchev, on Tuesday,

He scoffed that Russian drones may have returned to their senders.

“You know that we are approaching the era of artificial intelligence.

“Possibly not all drones are ready to attack Ukraine and they want to return to their creators and so ask: ‘Why are you sending us against the children of Ukraine? On Kyiv?’ and so on,” Podolyak said.

At the same time, the Ukrainian government’s adviser predicted that the number of attacks on Russian territory would probably continue to increase.

“All the people who believe that they can destroy another sovereign state with absolute impunity have not yet understood after 15 months that they cannot repeat 2014,” he said, referring to the year that Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

Ukraine denies involvement in drone attack on Moscow

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