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Tems earns spot on TIME Magazine’s 2023 Next 100 list


Tems earns spot on TIME Magazine’s 2023 Next 100 list

Tems has earned a spot on TIME Magazine’s 2023 Next 100 list, as the renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter garners recognition as a prominent figure in the global music industry.

Born Temilade Openiyi, the music sensation was singled out as one of the individuals who have attained the pinnacle of influence in their respective domains, as per TIME’s Next 100 list for 2023, which was unveiled on Wednesday.

In an article penned for the magazine, Grammy-winning vocalist Mary J. Blige drew a compelling parallel between Tems and the legendary musician Nina Simone, highlighting their shared ability to imbue their singing with profound emotion and unwavering conviction.

Blige expressed her anticipation that Tems would ultimately ascend to become one of the preeminent artists of her era.

Blige remarked, “Tems is in a class all by herself because no other artist sounds like her. That voice is so unique and original, so much so that it reminds me of the first time I heard Nina Simone. They both sing with emotion and conviction, making you feel every word they sing. When Tems and I finally had a chance to meet last year at the Grammy Awards, we just exploded on each other, giving each other so much love. I know she will make it far because she’s a talented writer, singer, and producer—my only hope for her is that she becomes one of the biggest artists of her time,” as stated by Blige.

Tems is not the sole Nigerian luminary featured on this prestigious list. Dr Toyin Ajayi, the founder and CEO of the health startup Cityblock Health, received acclaim for her endeavours in “addressing social drivers of poor health and creating sustainable change for vulnerable communities.”

Additionally, another Nigerian tech innovator, Wemimo Abbey, and his co-founder Samir Goel, were recognized for their startup, Esusu, which aids immigrants in “building credit in America by reporting tenants’ on-time rent payments to credit bureaus.”

Abbey and Goel have articulated their commitment to expanding the company’s array of financial services with the aim of “helping to reduce the racial wealth gap.”

Tems earns spot on TIME Magazine’s 2023 Next 100 list

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