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Subscribers Jubilate As MTN System Error Causes Debt Cancellation


Subscribers Jubilate As MTN System Error Causes Debt Cancellation

Recent developments reveal that subscribers who availed themselves of airtime or data loans from MTN may find themselves liable for the previously cancelled debts, as it turns out the debt cancellation was a result of a system error within MTN.

Despite the error being the cause of the initial debt cancellation, subscribers who perceived it as a deliberate move by the telecom operator have taken to social media to celebrate and express gratitude towards MTN.

However, an MTN official responded, clarifying that subscribers are still obligated to settle their debts. He stated, “Users would still be responsible for paying the ostensibly cleared bills even after MTN fixes the problem that caused the debts to vanish from their accounts.”

The official further explained that the disappearance of debts in subscribers’ accounts resulted from a glitch, emphasizing that once MTN rectifies the error, subscribers will be required to pay the debts that were initially thought to be cleared.

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