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Osinbajo eulogises Shonekan, says former leader lived extraordinary, selfless life


By Matthew Eloyi

The Vice President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, has eulogised the former Head of Interim Government, the late Chief Ernest Shonekan, saying he lived an extraordinary and a selfless life while on earth and left a lesson behind for all Nigerians to follow.

Osinbajo said what deserved great attention was the way he (Shonekan) carried himself through life and the ‘high values he exemplified’ during his time on earth.

Speaking at the funeral service organised in honour of the late national leader, held in the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos, Osinbajo said the late Shonekan had a genuine respect for all and would not be forgotten in the sands of time and history.

According to the Vice President, Shonekan was a man of destiny who was chosen for his time.

He said the former Head of State indeed proved by his life that destiny for one or for a nation is the manifest result of small choices made every day by ordinary people doing the best they can and persevering in goodness.

“His love and generosity, not just to his family but to all was felt by all. His counsel that he provided always with unfailing humility and courteousness are unique virtues that underpinned his selflessness.

“Shonekan lived a life lesson for the nation that he left behind. Today, we stand in the light of this great man. The inevitable transition of the people that we love gives us a sombre opportunity to look into the life that they led, and in that light, checkmate our own lives,” Osinbajo said.

Speaking of his last days, the VP said, “In the last chapter of his life, Chief Shonekan assumed the mantle of an elder statesman. He was supportive of all governments and gave his advice far above the trenches of partisanship. He was consistently calm and dignified. He was a steady voice of national counsel to all who sort him out.”


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