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Man breaks down in tears in court over wife’s divorce prayer


A man, Kolawole Mukhtar, on Friday broke down in tears in an Area Court in Ilorin, over his wife, Mutiat Adepoju’s prayer for divorce.

Adepoju had filed for divorce, custody of their three children and maintenance allowance for them.

She told the court that her husband complains and nags a lot.

“He stopped performing his responsibilities as a husband to me. We no longer have sex.

“We argue as normal couples do but we always settle our differences. Since we moved to our present location, he married another wife and stopped sleeping with me.

“I am tired of his nagging and waiting every night for him to visit me in my room,” she said.

The respondent, who broke down in tears, told the court that his wife does not help the children with their school homework and feels too big to visit his sister who lives close to them.

“She has moved to her parents’ house five times since I got married to my second wife and I am tired of pleading with her not to go,” he said.

Two of the family members present in court prayed for some time, to enable them to mediate between the two parties.

The presiding Judge, Ahmed AbdulKadir said that the issue seems resolvable, but the two parties need to calm down.

He told them to consider the future of their children if they divorce.

The case was adjourned until July 12, for a report of settlement.


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