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Gynaecologist recommends early ultrasound for pregnant women


A gynaecologist, Dr Prosper Igboeli, has recommended early ultrasound for pregnant women for proper management of hereditary abnormalities.

Igboeli, the Managing Director of M and M Hospital, Fertility and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Centre, said this in an interview with newsmen on Tuesday in Abuja.

According to him, an early pregnancy scan is one of the most important ultrasound scans in pregnancy.

Igboeli said that early ultrasound confirms the pregnancy and verifies if the foetus is developing as expected.

He said that early ultrasound scan examination in the first trimester would help detect any congenital abnormalities.

Igboeli said the scan could be repeated after a couple of weeks to follow the typical development of the foetus and to check the heartbeat.

He said it was important to improve prenatal management in the country.

The doctor called on healthcare stakeholders to properly equip centres where pregnant women attend with a good ultrasound scan facility.

According to him, Nigerians are increasingly becoming aware that congenital anomalies are part and parcel of an environment.

“We know that congenital anomalies occur naturally in about two to three per cent of all pregnancies.

“Congenital abnormalities are a frequent complication of all conceptions everywhere in the world,’’ he said.

Igboeli said that early access to healthcare for pregnant women was essential to enable the health facility to prepare for emergencies that might occur.

He advised that women should be referred to a medical facility with the capacity, capability and infrastructure to handle such things when any abnormality was discovered.


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