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Death toll nears 8,400 in Turkey, Syria earthquake as rescue of survivors


At least 5,894 people have died in Turkey while 2,470 deaths also recorded in Syria in the earthquake that hit the two countries on Monday morning.

The figures increased the earthquake death toll to near 8,400 as race to find survivors continues by emergency teams.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) officials warned the total could be as high as 20,000, in a disaster that have rendered hundreds of thousands homeless, according to BBC on Wednesday.

The number of those injured in the tragedy rose to 37,011, the agency said, adding that more than 79,000 personnel were engaged in search and rescue operations mo the Turkish side of the border.

With Syria’s death toll climbing to 2,470, the combined number of people killed in the disaster currently stands at 8,704, and is expected to continue to rise throughout the day.

Three British nationals are missing after the earthquake, the United Kingdom’s foreign secretary James Cleverly said on Tuesday. “We assess that the likelihood of large-scale British casualties remains low.”

No Nigerian was recorded to be a victim of the earthquake from both countries, as no official statement has established that from the federal government or its foreign ministry.

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