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Buratai unveils book “The Legend of Buratai” volume 1


Former Chief of Army Staff and Ambassador Designate, Lt.-Gen Tukur Buratai, (rtd), unveiled a book of its memorializes titled, “The Legend of Buratai” volume 1, in Abuja.

The Legend of Buratai is the enthralling life story of Buratai, the former Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army, who rose to legendary status through hard work, bravery, diligence, excellence, and honesty. His journey through life is presented as an exemplary story for all who would aspire to follow his path.

Speaking on the book ‘The Legend Of Buratai’ Volume 1, written by Dr Abubakar Mohammed Sani, Buratai reiterates that the book is being launched for the second time in children’s adaptation and animation movie.

Buratai said: “I want to make it categorically clear that I was an ordinary boy, who succeeded through hard work, loyalty, humility, above all trust for God, and respect for parents and elders. I have come to realize that anyone can become extraordinary if he or she can embrace the applanation virtues.

“I was an ordinary boy like any other boy in Africa. What made me succeed in life was that I embraced diligence, excellence, loyalty and perseverance. I joined the Army because it was my fashion and it was my calling.”

With the launch of the children’s book, and a feature animation both titled The Legend of Buratai Vol 1, the Author, Dr Sani Mohammed, immortalized the ex-Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, in the hearts and minds of Nigeria’s future generation.

The author also noted that the book which came with an animated presentation was written in honour of the former Chief of Army, Buratai good work.

He disclosed that the edition is targeted at the younger Nigerians and also to teaches them the principle of leadership, added that the book focuses more on pre-documentation of history and encourages the younger generation to join the Army.

He said: “There is no better way to immortalise a person than to have a writer document one into the annals of history. Writers have the literary license to create characters or bring a different perspective to them in accordance with the ‘times’ and the ‘demands of the story’s custodians.

“Buratai, however, had nothing to do with the crafting of his legend. In fact, Dr Sani’s initial proposal for funding for the projects to the Nigerian Army was rejected. However, driven by his belief that there is much for the younger generation to learn from the retired but not tired military man turned politician, he kicked off the project with his own personal funds, beginning with the book.”

The book reviewer, NCAC Director, Dr Liz Ben-Iheanachio, the award-winning author of Children’s Literature, Critic and Folklorist described the book as a beautifully illustrated narrative of the biography of an officer, a gentleman, a philosopher, a soldier, and indeed a very brave soldier. She said the book meets the requirement targeted at young readers.

She said: “At the age of 17, Tukur became a hero among his people when he slew a lion. Yes, a lion! The lion had held the villagers of Buratai hostage. It had mauled two farmers to death. Everywhere, folks were scared to move around in the dark for fear for their lives.

“Unaided and propelled by a sense of urgency to liberate his people from the lockdown imposed by the roaming, haughty King of the Jungle, the sapling teenager rose to the challenge.

“Using only his locally fabricated bow, arrow and sword while chewing on his snacks of dates, kulikuli and water; and depending only on clarity of purpose, focus and strategic bravery, Tukur was able to draw back his bow and let his arrow flow straight to the head of the beast, then on the chest and a third arrow to the head again, a fourth to the right leg and while the ferocious animal lay groaning, he finished it off with his sword, cut off its head and carried it home to an astonished community.”

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