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Advocacy for the Welfare of Nigerian Youth Continuous Project



Mrs. Dayo Keshi

By Cecilia Ogezi

Afrigrowth Foundation since inception has been focused on youth-based projects anchored on principles of inclusion of youths in both public and private sector for development of the youth for a better society.

The organization which has a goal of raising dynamic youths and preparing them for various future endeavours has been committed to building capacity of the youths through career expository seminars involving a number of potential employers who gather for the purpose of providing valuable information to aspiring employees on the career opportunities in their sectors of coverage and their companies in general. 

The president of the foundation, Mrs Dayo Keshi who believes there is a need for a holistic approach to all talks on empowerment for the youth reiterated that it has become imperative since Africa’s renaissance cannot be realised if adequate investment is not made in the youth who constitute about 40 per cent of its population.

Keshi stressed that the youth must be a part of the decision-making process because the youths of Nigeria have a role to play in nation building as they are very powerful change agents. 

She noted that a close look at the age  bracket of the youth which is such that it’s a mix between the very young and the maturing population which according to her are in the majority and the earlier the society takes a bold step in investing in the youth the better it will impact in the society.

She pointed out that the importance of full implementation of the African Youth Charter in Nigeria and indeed Africa is enormous as the charter is a tool for liberation and development of the African youth. She stated that there is need for the charter to be thoroughly studied.

As through AfriGrowth advocacy many discussions in several quarters have been open and shown that it goes beyond saying it alone but also advocating for it to go into our developmental policies.

As a front liner in the advocacy for full implementation of the African Youth Charter in Nigeria and in deed Africa the NGO recently organised the first of the online discourse series on the implementation of the African Youth Charter with a view of a more youth engaging and inclusive society in post-COVID-19 Africa.

Even as she added that the NGO recently organised the first of the online discourse series on the implementation of the African Youth Charter with a view of a more youth engaging and inclusive society in post-COVID-19 Africa.

Speaking on how to drive impactful programs for young people, she said as a leader in the sector her passion is to support a meaningful project and ensure implementation of these projects as without the needed support they can’t achieve much. She stressed youth empowerment Projects addresses the economic root causes of irregular migration by supporting youth employment and entrepreneurship improving the skills and employability of potential leaders.

“The youth have access to information and information dissemination and they also have access to themselves. As long as the youths are focused, they will be achievers, they have to be at the forefront”.

“Why the post lockdown era is very fundamental because it brought with it a number of realities, the lockdown demonstrated to a lot of things, it made us look inwards without thinking we must always look outside the shores of this country to do anything.”

“The president explained that the sector needs committed people to influence the youth to be influencers. As only a good plan for youths of this country in this country, maybe a conference for a holistic approach.”

Keshi noted that elsewhere youths are placed in strategic places through exchange programs

as the world has changed from what it used to be such that through effective programs the people can bring the world to Nigeria.  Even as she dynamism of leadership has changed and from what is happening in the past everyone must be actively involved in development process.

Keshi added that the youth are vibrant people and have capacity when supported as after working with youths often find it challenging to identify resources for supporting their continued work.

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Tinubu to inaugurate FCT projects May 27 – June 6 – Wike



President Bola Tinubu has approved May 27 to June 6 as Federal Capital Territory Week for the inauguration of various projects executed under his administration.

The Minister of FCT, Mr Nyesom Wike, stated this while inspecting some of the projects in preparation for the inauguration to celebrate Tinubu’s one year in office.

“By the approval of Mr President, we believe that from May 27, we shall begin the inauguration of various projects and will end on June 6.

“Particularly on May 27, President Tinubu will inaugurate commercial operations of the Abuja Light Rail also known as Abuja Metro Line, and we will carry out the final inspection of the project on May 20.

“From what we have seen, I think we are good to go,” he said.

Wike also expressed confidence that the Vice-President’s residence, located along Aso Drive, would be completed and may be inaugurated on June 6.

He explained that the 9-day inauguration activities would demonstrate to the world the Tinubu-led administration’s determination to renew the hope of Nigerians.

He added: “We have a lot of projects being executed that will be inaugurated. So many projects that I cannot begin to list them.

“We are happy; the contractors are meeting up, and all the promises made they have fulfilled.

“We have also fulfilled our own part, by making sure that we make the needed cash available and none of the contractors is complaining in terms of cash.”

The minister added that other projects like the construction of bus terminals and the FCT Court of Appeal Division and other projects would be inaugurated within the period.

On the non-functionality of some of the streetlights in parts of the city, Wike explained that some of the streetlights were being worked on, while others were being tested.

He assured the residents that the streetlights would come on once the contractors finished working on them.

“As I speak to you, most of the streetlights are being worked on and with the project we are executing, you don’t expect the light to be on.

“The contractors are test-running them, so most of the ones that are not working are those that are being worked on.

“We believe that before the inauguration you will see that most of the streetlights will be on,” the minister said.

When asked whether he was being distracted by the development in Rivers, Wike simply said: “I am not distracted.  If I am distracted you won’t see this performance.

“I focus on my work. So, I am not interested. I am the Minister of FCT, and work is going on, why will I be distracted? I don’t even think about it at all.”


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Nigerian govt to formally commission Zuba Estate Tuesday



The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to formally commission the Zuba Housing Estate on Tuesday.

The estate built by the Federal Housing Authority consists of 746 housing units.

President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to perform the official opening by 10 am while the Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola is the chief host.

The Zuba Mass Housing Estate is a pilot project of the Federal Housing Authority, which would be replicated across the country.

The project sits on 18 hectares of land, housing 764 units of various house types giving a total of 16 blocks of 3-bedroom flats in a block of 8 flats; 32 blocks of 2-bedroom flats in a block of 8 flats; 14 blocks of 1-bedroom flats in a block of 16 flats and 5 blocks of terrace duplexes in 4 rows.

The estate is already serviced with completed standard infrastructure such as roads and drains, external water distribution network, electricity external reticulation, perimeter fence work, 3 water stations, injector transformers, civil works and servicing of blocks with underground cables.

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Buhari attends AU summit in Niamey, inaugurates boulevard named after him



President Muhammadu Buhari will, today, travel to Niamey, the Republic of Niger, to attend the African Union Summit on Industrialisation and Economic Diversification, as well as the Extraordinary Session on African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

The President, during the trip, will also attend launch of the French version of the book, entitled, ‘Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria’, as well as inaugurate the ‘Muhammadu Buhari Boulevard’, named after him by the government of the Republic of Niger.

Naming of the boulevard and launch of the book, written by John Paden, a professor of International Studies, at George Mason University, Northern Virginia, United States, precedes the AU Summit on Friday, November 25, 2022.

Buhari is expected to deliver his national statement at the summit, which has the theme, ‘Industrialising Africa: Renewed Commitment towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialisation and Economic Diversification.’

The high-level summit, being convened as part of the Africa Industrialisation Week commemorative activities, is expected to adopt a declaration, highlighting the importance of industrialisation and economic transformation in the continent and how to make progress in that regard.

The 20th of every November is commemorated as Africa Industrialisation Day, adopted by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Organisation of African Unity in July 1989, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The President wil return to the country tomorrow, Friday, November 25.

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