Covid-19 Vaccination: A source of hope to many Nigerians

The arrival of the frst batch of COVID-19 vaccine to Nigeria has been a source of joy to many; especially those who watched President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on National Television take their frst shots. The public demonstration of receiving the vaccine was meant not only to create awareness but also remove doubts and fears in the minds of people who still do not believe in the existence of the virus.

This is because there has been a conspiracy theory making the rounds that the vaccine is dangerous for humans. The theory also claimed that the vaccine is to sterilise humanity to reduce the population of the world. Nigeria received 3.94 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine on March 2, 2021, to be given freely to people who are willing to take it. It is part of the 16 million doses to be delivered to Nigeria in the next few weeks.

Nigeria was the third African country after Ghana and Ivory Coast to receive the vaccine, made possible through a global COVID-19 Vaccine Access Programme. With the arrival of the vaccine therefore, government, health practitioners and experts need to step up enlightenment to educate the public about the need for them to get inoculated. There is the need to educate the public that the vaccine is safe, can boost one’s immunity and can protect against severe consequences.

Dr Peter Akumba, a health practitioner, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that “we need to create awareness on the efcacy of the vaccine to defeat sceptics. “There should be no politics around it, states should efectively take charge of the distribution and preservation of their share of the vaccine and create facility for it.”

Akumba further noted that the Federal Government got this right “and we need to commend all the health agencies and the COVID-19 committees. “The Federal Government right from the beginning took the bull by the horn, seeing the pandemic as a preventable war. A war on the human race, a war of survival from the global village with


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